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Koderma’s Sajid Siddiqui to contest for town council elections in Netherlands

Childhood spent in Karma Colony, went to Netherlands for job and became from there

Koderma. Sajid Siddiqui, the son of Mridula Dutta, who worked as a nurse at the Central Hospital Karma, went to the Netherlands in 2011 for a job after studying. But today they are there. Sajid, who works in the field of import export management, has become part of a 19-member team from the Green Left party in the Netherlands Town Council election on the basis of his ability. The Green Left Party of the Netherlands has nominated Sajid as its candidate. Sajid, who once played and studied in the streets of Karma, played his danka in the Netherlands. The family and people who know Sajid are very happy with this success.

Who is Sajid and where was his childhood

Sajid Siddiqui’s mother Mridula Dutta used to work as a nurse in the Central Hospital located in Karma. His father is Asim Siddiqui. His childhood was spent in Karma Colony itself. Sajid did his primary education from Sacred Heart School Jhumritilaiya and English Honors from Jagannath Jain College. During the college days, students also actively participated in the union. He has also held the responsibility of secretary of student organization SFI in JJ College. Later she studied in Delhi for higher education. After managing import-export, went to the Netherlands for a job. In 2018, Sajid took Dutch citizenship.

Sajid has been in favor of social change

Sajid is known to give his sharp opinion on political issues. While working in the Netherlands, took part in the movement on the issue of social change. Gradually, he got associated with the Green Left party there and started working by joining it.

Candidate for town council election in March 2022

Sajid Siddiqui has also been selected in the 19-member team of the Green Left Party for the Town Council elections in the Netherlands. Getting into the panel was not easy. In the general members meeting on 25 November, the candidate committee nominated 13 members. After this, after the debate on the referendum issue in the meeting, Sajid was selected in the 19-member team for the election. Sajid presented his views on social change in the three-day debate on the referendum issue. The members of the meeting selected Sajid’s ideas and found a place in the team led by Marlene Reimers.

What is said Sajid

Sajid says that since childhood he has been influenced by the ideas of social change. He has been participating in the debate on various issues of politics. During the college days student got to read the theories of revolutionaries from all over the world during political. There was a special interest with books, so he got attached to the thoughts of the great personality and especially the revolutionaries. When working in the Netherlands, the issues here and the ongoing movement for social change influenced a lot. The ideas and principles of the Green Left Party pulled me in. I have come here to ensure my participation in the revolution of social change. Thanks to the Green Left party who has given me a place in the 19-member team for the Town Council election. He said that he wants to work in the city of Netherlands, so that the future and social change will be better.